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4 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi
    Kindly advise on how to make choclate ganache to cover a soccer ball cake.
    Also , will the fondant not melt away on the chocolate ganache and can I ice the cake the night before the function?


    • Hi! To make the chocolate ganache heat up 150ml cream until it starts to boil and pour it over 300g of dark chocolate and mix until the chocolate melts and the mixture is smooth (alternatively you could put both the cream and chocolate in a bowl and microwave on a loa power setting for 60 seconds at a time mixing in between). Then refrigerate until the ganache is no longer runny, and is spreadable. Use to stick together the two halves of the ball and to cover the ball (make sure it’s smooth) and put in the fridge until the ganache has set hard. After that you can cover the ball with fondant using water to stick the fondant to the ganache. The fondant won’t melt unless it’s really hot in your kitchen. Hope that helps, good luck with the cake 🙂 oh and yes you can definitely ice it the night before.

  2. Thanks a million…Just one more thing. Do I use fresh cream or dessert/ carnation cream that comes in a tin?

    Sorry i’m still new to this 🙂

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