How To Make Pretty Valentine’s Day Biscuits and Cupcakes

Embossed Heart Biscuit

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know this post is a little late but I was busy celebrating 🙂

I love Valentine’s Day – some people may call it an artificial ‘Hallmark’ holiday but for me it’s a perfect excuse to celebrate all the love in my life, buy and/or make a cutesy gift for my husband, wear red heels to work, go out to a nice dinner and share a decadent dessert, go for a romantic weekend away… (and yes I did all those things this year!) and of course bake and decorate Valentine’s Day themed treats.

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Aston Martin DB9 Birthday Cake

Aston Martin DB9 Cake

Sunday last week was my gorgeous husband’s 28th birthday and I wanted to make this birthday cake the best one yet (see the previous birthday cakes I’ve made for him here and here). He’s a big fan of the Aston Martin DB9 car so I decided that’s what I would make. It turned out to be a bit more of a challenge than I expected but still turned out pretty well for a first attempt – he was pretty wrapped with it anyway and that’s all that counts 🙂

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How to Make Ice Cream Cone Oreo Cake Pops

How adorable are these little guys! When I first saw these (I don’t even remember where, probably on a baking blog of some sort) I knew I had to try them. I had also been meaning to try the no-bake Oreo cake pops recipe for ages so I decided to join the two baking adventures together and make Ice Cream Cone Oreo Cake Pops 🙂

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Making Macarons #2


You may remember my first go at making macarons from a little while back (see the post here). Since then I’ve made them a few more times, in a few different flavours and they’ve mostly turned out pretty well, with a couple exceptions. But over the weekend I tried a different recipe which I had always been a bit scared of trying, as it involves more steps and a thermometer, and generally sounds complicated. But over the weekend I finally faced my fear and gave it a go and was so happy with the results! It turns out that not only was nowhere near as complicated as it sounded but it was also much more reliable too! If you’ve tried the other method and weren’t too happy with the results, or maybe you were but would like to try something different, definitely give this one a go 🙂