How to Make Ice Cream Cone Oreo Cake Pops

How adorable are these little guys! When I first saw these (I don’t even remember where, probably on a baking blog of some sort) I knew I had to try them. I had also been meaning to try the no-bake Oreo cake pops recipe for ages so I decided to join the two baking adventures together and make Ice Cream Cone Oreo Cake Pops šŸ™‚

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How To Make Cupcake Pops

Since I loved the pink cake pops I made last week so much, I decided to have another go, this time with cake pops shaped like cupcakes. If you’re a Bakerella fan, you probably know that these were the cake pops she made with Martha Stewart. I think they are the cutest things I’ve ever seen (not necessarily my slightly wonky looking ones, but definitely the perfect ones that Bakerella makes!).

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