How To Make Pretty Valentine’s Day Biscuits and Cupcakes

Embossed Heart Biscuit

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know this post is a little late but I was busy celebrating 🙂

I love Valentine’s Day – some people may call it an artificial ‘Hallmark’ holiday but for me it’s a perfect excuse to celebrate all the love in my life, buy and/or make a cutesy gift for my husband, wear red heels to work, go out to a nice dinner and share a decadent dessert, go for a romantic weekend away… (and yes I did all those things this year!) and of course bake and decorate Valentine’s Day themed treats.

This year I was a little short on time so I did something a little similar to last Valentine’s Day (you can see last years Valentine’s Day baking here) and baked heart-shaped vanilla biscuits and red velvet cupcakes. But while last year I experimented with stencilled royal icing patterns on fondant, this year was all about fondant embossing.

Embossing is a simple but very effective cake decorating method, where shapes or patterns are gently pushed into fondant creating a sort of 3D textured effect. The best thing is, you can use just about anything to emboss various patterns onto fondant. I’ve used actual embossers, but also stencils, cutters, fondant tools such as the ball tool, textured rolling pins and piping tips.

Embossed Heart Biscuit 2

To recreate the pretty patterns I achieved on my heart biscuits you will need a stencil (it doesn’t have to be heart-shaped, you can just as easily use a round or square stencil because you then cut the heart shape out using a cutter anyway). All that you do is roll ous some fondant to a little bit thicker than you want it on your biscuits, place your stencil flat on the fondant and roll your rolling pin over the stencil a couple of times applying even pressure. Then gently peel back the stencil to reveal the pretty embossed pattern.

Fondant Embossing Using Stencils

Finally use the same cutter you used to cut out the vanilla biscuits to cut a heart out of the embossed part of the fondant and stick it on your biscuit using some sugar flower glue. Repeat with as many different stencil patterns as you like!

Heart Shaped Embossed Biscuits

I used some alphabet cutters/embossers on some of the biscuits to emboss cute Valentine’s Day messages.

Embossed Love and XOXO Hearts

The trick with these was to push the letters into the fondant very gently to avoid cutting all the way through. You just want a small indent in the fondant – if you push the letters too far down the fondant will most likely tear when you try to pick it up to stick on the biscuit and you’ll have to start again.

I also decorated some of the red velvet cupcakes with embossed fondant. I used a daisy cutter/embosser and two sizes of heart cutters to create these patterns onto rolled out fondant and then used large circle cutters (matched to the size of my cupcakes) to cut out the cupcake toppers.

Heart Embossed Cupcake

I stuck the fondant on using a little bit of chocolate ganache.

Daisy Embossed Cupcake

The rest of the red velvet cupcakes were decorated with piped cream cheese frosting. I piped little rosettes onto half of them and more traditional swirls onto the other half. Then I made tiny red fondant roses and stuck them into the swirls. They looked very cute!

Valentine's Day Red Velvet Cupcakes

I think next year I’ll have to get a bit more creative and make something other than cupcakes and biscuits for Valentine’s Day!


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