Aston Martin DB9 Birthday Cake

Aston Martin DB9 Cake

Sunday last week was my gorgeous husband’s 28th birthday and I wanted to make this birthday cake the best one yet (see the previous birthday cakes I’ve made for him here and here). He’s a big fan of the Aston Martin DB9 car so I decided that’s what I would make. It turned out to be a bit more of a challenge than I expected but still turned out pretty well for a first attempt – he was pretty wrapped with it anyway and that’s all that counts 🙂

To make this cake I first downloaded the ‘blueprint’ of the DB9 so I had the front, back, side and top profile – which I then used to carve the shape from a rectangular cake, similar to how I made my pink handbag cake. For the cake, I baked a 12 inch square cake, then cut it into two halves and stacked them on top of each other to make a tall rectangular cake. I didn’t get photos of the carving process but if you have a look at the Handbag Cake post you should gt the general idea. First I used the top view template to carve the shape of the car body, pinning the paper template to the cake with some toothpicks, then I carved the side profile, and finally I finished carving the whole shape of the car using the front and back templates. This final part was the most difficult as the top of the car isn’t symmetrical but I think I managed it okay. It took a while to get it perfect though!

Here is a photo of the cake once I finished carving it and covered it with a very thin layer of dark chocolate ganache (I later covered it again, with a thicker layer of chocolate ganache).

DB9 Cake Base

Once the second layer of chocolate ganache had set in the fridge, it was time to cover it with fondant (i.e. the fun part!). I first covered the whole car with white fondant (which would be the colour of the car body) first brushing water over the ganache – but I made sure not to brush any water on the spots where the windows and wheels would be. This way the fondant wouldn’t stick to those parts and it would be easy to cut and lift the fondant off. Or so I thought… as it turned out because it was such a hot Brisbane day the chocolate underneath started to melt really quickly and the fondant stuck to it anyway! But I managed to get it unstuck so all was not lost. I cut out the windows from the car templates and used them to cut out the holes for the windows, and also to cut out window shapes out of black fondant, which I then stuck into the holes. Here is a picture of the car after I had cut the window holes out of the white fondant:

DB9 Cake Covered

And here’s one after I had stuck on the black fondant windows. You might notice I also sprayed some pearl coloured lustre dust onto the white fondant (prior to sticking the black windows on) to give the car a shimmery look.

DB9 Cake With Windows and Doors

After the windows had been stuck on I used a couple of my tools to indent the fondant to form the grooves in the bonnet, sides and boot of the car and to trace where the doors would be. I used the templates to get all of the indents in the right spots.

At this point I moved the whole car onto the cake board I had prepared earlier (by covering it with dark gray fondant). I then cut out the wheels, headlights, grill and exhaust pipes (all using the templates to get the right sizes and shapes) and stuck them all onto the car.

DB9 With Wheels

DB9 WIth Headlights and Grill

It had really started to look like a proper car now and it was pretty exciting!

I cut out the Happy Birthday message out of white fondant using my handy Clikstix alphabet cutters and stuck them on the board and was just about to finish up and put everything away when I realised there was something missing…

DB9 With Birthday Message

The side mirrors! How could I have forgotten – the car looked a bit silly without those 🙂

So I moulded them out of white fondant, sprayed with the lustre spray so that they matched the rest of the car, and used toothpicks to stick them onto the sides of the car. I also made little number plates which said ‘DB9’ for a little extra touch (and so that there would be no doubt in my husband’s mind as to what car it was supposed to be!)

DB9 With Mirrors

And here’s a final photo of the cake after the birthday boy had started cutting it!

DB9 Cake Cut


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