Halloween Birthday Cake

I’ve been crazy busy the last few weeks so I didn’t get a chance to post my most recent cake from 2 weeks ago – a Halloween-themed cake for a 16th birthday.

This one was so much fun to make! The cake inside was a dark chocolate mud cake layered with white and dark chocolate ganache and crushed Oreos.

Carving the pumpkin shape was probably the most tricky part of the whole cake, but I took it slowly and it kind of worked out okay. My favourite part were the mini pumpkins, so cute! The dead tree on the side of the cake was actually drawn on by hand… I’m not great at drawing but I think my rough drawing skills kind of added to the effect a bit (I hope anyway!).

Seriously have a look at the close-ups of how cute the mini pumpkins are!

I used a lot of lustre spray on this cake, it looked particularly cool on the black bats and on the number 16 on the front of the cake. The 16 ended up looking a little bit squished – I don’t think I let it dry long enough before sticking it onto the cake. But then again it was a very warm and humid Queensland day so none of the fondant decorations were drying out properly. Anyway it stilled looked like a 16 so I think it was okay 🙂

This is what the back looked like:

As always, I’m already looking forward to my next cake challenge – whatever that might be!

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