A Lovely Afternoon Tea

This weekend I did a lot of baking because I was hosting a very girly afternoon tea at my house for a few of my lovely friends 🙂 Afternoon tea is just about my most favourite thing to host! Mini sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, macarons, biscuits, cupcakes… so many delicious treats can be served, plus it’s a good excuse to get my tea cup collection out!

As usual I got excited and made way too many things – the selection of sweet treats included:

Salted caramel macarons – if you’ve been reading my blog you’ll know I tried these for the first time last week and they are absolutely mouth-watering! For the recipe see last week’s blog here.

Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting – you can find the recipe I used here.

Bride and groom biscuits – how adorable are these! One of the girls at my afternoon tea is getting married in December and she was the guest of honour hence I made these. The stencils I used are available for purchase here, and the recipe for the delicious vanilla flavoured biscuits I used as the base is here!

Pink high heel biscuits – these are my favourite ones (surprise, surprise… who would have guessed the pink ones would be my favourite!). They combine my great love of shoes, the colour pink and of course cake decorating 🙂 This was the first time I tried embossing on fondant and I think it just added so much! I used a mini flower cutter and a small ball tool to emboss the pattern for these pretty high heels.

Teapot biscuits – very fitting for an afternoon tea, I love my teapot cookie cutter! These were the simplest to decorate, I just stuck on little pink fondant polka dots on, but they turned out quite cute. Hint: to get the polka dots small enough I used one of my round piping tips, as I don’t have a cookie cutter that small.

Needless to say, I was on a massive sugar high for most of the weekend!

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