How to Make a Soccer Ball Cake

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34 thoughts on “How to Make a Soccer Ball Cake

  1. Hi, your cake looks fantastic. I have a similar idea for a 30th birthday cake and would like to know what ‘size’ ball did you make i.e. what is the diameter of your cake? We don’t get the Wilton cake tin where I live, so I will be trying this with a pudding bowl

  2. Gorgeous cake! You have inspired me to try to make it this coming Friday! But help! The tin I’m hiring is 16inches across at it’s widest… Please tell me how on earth you worked the shape sizes out?!
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi! I made a program on excel which calculates the length of the sides of the pentagons/hexagons (yes I’m a little bit of a nerd!). Anyway for a ball of 16cm diameter the sides of both shapes need to be 3.3cm. Though if your cake is 16cm diameter and you put a layer of ganache on it it might end up closer to 17cm in which case the shapes would need to be a bit bigger, with 3.5cm sides. Good luck with the cake! 🙂

      • Hi!
        Lovely cake! I like to make one in 2 days and the problem is how to calculate each time the pentagones/exagons since I want a big ball. Can you please give me more info how to make the program on excel. Should I have the circumference too? Please, can you answer me by e-mail?

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  4. thanks for sharing this. after reading this I have been brave enough to try it for myself (I’ve had the tins for 7 years & not been brave enough!) – the best tip was covering the cake in chocolate – it worked perfectly!

    • So I’m making this cake tomorrow, for my bfs 30th, so I am keen for some advice. I have taken the day off work to do it (such a geek!) Usually fondant sticks to cake with water or sugar syrup, why did you use the chocolate ganache? How do you get the fondant to stick to the chocolate if it has been hardened in the fridge? This cake is going to sit out during the party, when the ganache starts to melt, does it make the fondant slip about?

    • Hi Shirley,

      From memory I used around 2 batches of a cake recipe meant for an 8 inch cake, I might have had a little bit left over though. You want to fill the two cake tins almost to the top.

      I hope that helps a bit 🙂

  5. How do you make the cupcakes. I’m doing my Nephew’s exactly the same this week and thought the same about the main cake…too small. I love these cupcakes but wondering how you get that perfect shape the cutters small enough and are these standard size or muffin size cupcakes?

    • Hi, to decorate the cupcakes I just covered them with white fondant cut into circles, then I used a paper template to cut out the black pentagons some of which I cut into triangles. I stuck the pentagons on first and used a butter knife to make indentations in the white fondant to shape the white hexagons, then stuck on the black triangles. The cupcakes were baked in muffin trays, so I guess that makes them muffin sized, and a helpful hint I read once was to increase the oven temperature by 10-15 degrees to get the cupcake tops higher and rounder. Hope that helps, good luck with them! 🙂

  6. Absolutely a genius, yr a very talented, I am going to attempt this next month for my nephew but was wondering how many people would the cake roughly feed? Thanks

  7. You are truly amazingly clever. I have just volunteered to make a soccer ball cake for a friend’s 30th and was struggling with the logistics of pulling it off! After reading your instructions I can’t wait to get started on a trial run before the actual date!!!! Thank you so much for sharing and continued good luck in all your creative baking endeavours!!!! 🙂

  8. Love your cake, it looks fantastic 🙂
    Is there any chance you could let me have the recipe for the caramel mud cake ?

  9. hi cake looks great how long to cook? did you line the tin? I want to make mine into a xmas pudding how long would I bake it for???
    waiting for the tins to arrive thanks

  10. Wow looking great. I’m actually making one for this weekend. What proportions do you use for the ganache? Did you whip it or just let it cool a Little Before using it?

  11. Your cake and cupcakes look so perfect. I am going to try this for a graduation in 1 1/2 months, so I am doing my research now. Do you by chance have a template for the pentagons and hexagons that you wouldn’t mind sharing (for the cake & cupcakes, if possible)?

  12. Also, would you mind sharing your caramel mud cake recipe, I have never heard of that flavor before, but it sounds yummy! And do you make your own fondant? Most of the people I make cakes for do not care for the taste, and I was wondering if you have a particular brand you use. Thanks

    • Hi Genie,

      Sorry I don’t have a template for the shapes – I just used MS Word to draw the hexagons and pentagons of the right size and then printed and cut them out. But unfortunately I didn’t save the document.

      I have made my own fondant before but find it’s quite messy and so I prefer to use Bakels Pettinice Fondant – it’s the best one that I’ve tried anyway 🙂

      The recipe for the caramel mud cake came from – but to be honest I wasn’t that happy with it and am still on the look out for a better one!

      Good luck with your cake 🙂

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