Special Birthday Cakes

This week was a rather busy one for me – I had my first two cake orders – and both for the same day!

While it was just a tiny bit stressful (I’ve never made cakes for anyone else – what if I stuff them up?!?) it was also a lot of fun and really exciting to have my first ever cake customers!

The first cake was a birthday cake for a little girl turning three and her mum loved the idea of a pink handbag cake, like the one I made for my own birthday a few weeks ago (you can see it here). I was determined to make this one even better and I wanted to make it look a bit more professional so I covered the cake board with some violet-coloured fondant and got special cutters for the letters to spell out the birthday message. The cutters were from a brand called ‘Clikstix’ and they worked extremely well! It was my first time using them and I had no trouble at all (to my great relief!).

Here is a close up of the birthday message:

I also found a really useful video tutorial about how to use the Clikstix cutters – you can see it here.

Some more close-ups, this time of the cute flowers I decorated the handbag with:

I also added a little flower next to the birthday message on the cake board as a finishing touch.

The second cake was a blue present cake for a lady’s 60th birthday, ordered by her daughter. This one had a few more specifications; it had to incorporate a deep blue, which is the lady’s favourite colour, and it had to have a dolphin somewhere on the cake. I spent a bit of time planning out exactly how I would decorate the cake and I even drew some little pictures to visualise it better. As you can see I used the nice deep blue for the ribbon and made the lid of the present white to set off the colour nicely.

I also made a little tag to go on top of the present, which was perfect for both the birthday message and for including the dolphin into the cake design. I had no idea how I was going to do the dolphin shape (I certainly can’t draw one too well) and I spent a while looking for a little dolphin cutter but couldn’t find one anywhere. Finally I decided that I would try to make a dolphin stencil. I can definitely recommend this for hard to find shapes because it worked great. All I did was print off a dolphin clip art picture in the right size on a piece of paper, then cut out a square around the dolphin, covered both sides of the paper with strips of sticky tape, and then cut the dolphin shape out with scissors (it’s important to make sure you cut a continuous outline, and only make one cut from the edge of the square to the dolphin, so the square remains intact). Once I finished cutting the dolphin out, I just stuck some more sticky tap to cover the initial cut and I had a little home-made stencil. Of course it wasn’t reusable, but perfect for one little dolphin.

The final touch on the cake were little love heart decorations on the sides – these were great for covering up imperfections in the fondant too!

Now that both cakes have been finished and delivered to the lucky recipients I think I’ll have a much needed rest… Oh but first I have to clean the kitchen – it’s a bit of a bomb site after my huge week of baking and decorating!

Till next time 🙂

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