How To Make Cupcake Pops

Since I loved the pink cake pops I made last week so much, I decided to have another go, this time with cake pops shaped like cupcakes. If you’re a Bakerella fan, you probably know that these were the cake pops she made with Martha Stewart. I think they are the cutest things I’ve ever seen (not necessarily my slightly wonky looking ones, but definitely the perfect ones that Bakerella makes!).

Anyway, onto the process. I made them pretty much exactly the way Bakerella showed Martha Stewart how to (you can see the video of it here, it’s pretty cool).

This time I went with chocolate cake mixed with cream cheese icing – in fact it was gluten-free chocolate cake, because one of the guys I work with is gluten intolerant (that’s right, I take all my baking to work, so I don’t eat it all by myself at home!)

I crumbled the cake and mixed it with a little bit of the cream cheese icing. I only needed about two tablespoons of icing for the 20cm square cake, because the cake itself was so moist.

Here’s the yummy chocolate cake…

And here are the cake crumbs and icing just before I mixed them (you can see how little icing I needed).

Once it was all mixed up I rolled little balls (around 4-5 cm in diameter I think) and popped them in the fridge to harden. Mine were in the fridge overnight, but a couple of hours would do.

Then came time to shape them into little cup cakes! (So fun). To do this you will need a cutter shaped like a flower, similar to the one in the next picture. You start by rolling the balls out into little sausages, thin enough for one end to fit into the cutter.

Next (you guessed it) you stick one end of the sausage into the cutter, like this:

Now hold onto the cutter with one hand, and use the palm of your other hand to squash the cake down into the cutter. The curve of your palm should give it a nicely curved cupcake top, but you can shape it a little with your fingers after you’ve squashed it to give it a nicer shape as well.

Get the cupcake out of the cutter by gently pushing on the bottom…

And out comes a cute little cupcake shaped cake pop! (Though technically I guess it’s not a cake pop until it’s on the stick)

Once all the cake balls have been shaped into cupcakes, they may need to go into the fridge to harden again, otherwise it’s on to the dipping. This is done in two parts. First you hold the cupcake by the top rounded bit, and dip the bottom into melted chocolate (I used dark chocolate melts with a little bit of Copha to thin the mixture out) Hold on tightly enough so you don’t drop the whole cupcake into the chocolate, but not that tight that you squish it.

The next thing was to stick the lollypop sticks into the bottom of the cupcakes. To do this I placed the cupcakes upside down on a piece of baking paper (the same one I had originally used to place the rolled cake balls onto) and stuck the sticks in about halfway. Then I waited until all the chocolate had set (II also put them in the fridge for about half an hour, but this isn’t necessary, I was just impatient!) before the next step. Here they all are, almost done…

The final step was to dip the tops of the cupcakes in the melted candy melts – mine were pink of course 🙂 This was a little easier than dipping them into chocolate before, because I could just hold onto the stick!

Then I added some sprinkles (this has to be done while the chocolate is still wet, otherwise the sprinkles won’t stick)…

…added a colourful Smartie to the top and stuck them all in the Styrofoam block I had prepared:

By the way I had no idea where to buy a Styrofoam block from*. I tried Bunnings, but they didn’t have any. If you are also having the problem, what I ended up doing was using the Styrofoam used for the packaging of one of my home appliances (I think a radio/iPod dock). It worked perfectly! I just poked the holes in the top of it with a wooden skewer, then stuck a spare lollypop stick in to widen the holes to the right size.

Here’s just one last photo, because they’re so cute:

*If anyone knows where to get Styrofoam blocks suitable for cake pops, could you please let me know! 🙂

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